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GradeQuick Tutorials
  1. GQ1: Installing and using GQ for the first time
    • assumes user has already activated Edline account
    • covers downloading and running the plugin, Sophos issue in LPSD, Norton Internet Security issue
  2. GQ2: Starting your gradebooks
    • adding assignments
    • changing assignment dates and re-sorting them
    • copying assignments from one gradebook to another
    • '' vs. '0' vs. 'X' scores
  3. GQ3: Tweaking your gradebook settings

    • hiding vs. deleting dropped students
    • tweaking student info (class info, telephone #'s, etc.)
    • changing the grading scale

  1. **GQ4: Posting grades to Edline** (so students / parents can view them)
    • customizing test / student info
    • naming your report
  2. **GQ5: Printing reports**
    • play around with the multiple reports
    • use the spreadsheet report for least paper / most info
  3. **GQ6: Accessing the built in help manual**
  4. GQ/Edline 1: Seeing the reports through the eyes of your students / parents

    • the different ways students can link to their reports
    • cleaning up your class page of old reports that "pile up"

  1. **GQ/Edline 2: Activation codes for my students / parents**
    • accessing the codes for my students / parents
    • retrieving forgotten screen names (can't retrieve lost passwords)
    • emailing the class (implied in video not explicit)
  2. **AdvGQ1: New Marking Period (term**)
    • changing your gradebook to account for a new MP (term) and / or final exam - with term weighting
  3. **AdvGQ2: Grade weighting by categorie**s
  4. AdvGQ3: Restoring a gradebook
    • you screwed up your gradebook and you want to "roll it back"